About the Course

The Project Committee Starter Course is the free version of the Project Committee Toolkit, giving you sample lessons and content to preview and try.

  • Course Purpose

    You'll get an introduction to the 'committee concept process' and how it's used to form and lead more successful committees - for projects and other initiatives.

  • Course Contents

    You'll get instant access to selected Toolkit components, including video presentations, reference materials, downloads and more.

  • How to Enroll

    Just click on the blue enrollment button above, create your user account and start learning. No credit card required.

Starter Course Curriculum

We've picked out a few of the learning components from the 50+ contained in the Project Committee Toolkit, and put them together for you to use and try.

  • 1
    • Read Me
  • 2
    The Big Picture
    • What Will You Learn Here?
    • The Big Picture Video Part 1: What is Fast Track Management? (No Audio)
    • The Big Picture Video Part 2: Introducing the Committee Concept Process (No Audio)
    • The Big Picture Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • 3
    Preview the Toolkit Course
    • What Will You Learn Here?
    • Watch "Keys to the Concept" (No Audio)
    • Watch "Committee Characteristics" (No Audio)
    • Watch "The Committee Concept Process" (No Audio)
    • Read the Concept Module 'Key Points Summary'
    • What's Next Video (Music)
    • Project Committee Toolkit Curriculum
    • Enroll in the Toolkit Course
    • The Big Picture Quiz (Test Your Knowledge)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's inside the Project Committee Starter Course?

    The Project Committee Starter Course contains a series of selected components from the Project Committee Toolkit. You'll find video lessons and related reference materials to get you started. You can download certain components for offline use as well.

  • What can I expect to learn in this Starter Course?

    You'll learn the introductory basics of the 'committee concept process' and how it is used to "fast track" the way project committees are formed, organized and operated.

  • Do I need a credit card to enroll?

    No. The Project Starter Course is free and all you need to do is set-up your id and password. When you're ready to enroll in the Project Committee Toolkit you can use that same id and password when you pay your enrollment fee.

  • Will my enrollment expire?

    No. Enrollment in the free Starter Course does not expire.

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