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This easy, engaging online course teaches you how to use the 'committee concept process' to form and operate successful project committees. Over 50+ lesson videos, reference materials, templates and more. Lifetime access, updates included.

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If you're looking for a fast, easy way to achieve committee success, you'll find it inside the Project Committee Toolkit. This unique, informative online course gives you everything you need to become a committee leader and management expert. Here's what you'll learn:

  • Learn how to save time and get better results for committee meetings, including agenda development, and post meeting actions (minutes preparation and follow-up).

  • Learn how to organize your committees for optimal productivity, including defining the mission, setting the structure, selecting members and allocating responsibilities.

  • Learn how to avoid conflict and promote collaboration through an effective Code of Conduct, member onboarding practices, and member performance evaluation.

  • Build and improve committee management skills, as you learn time-saving techniques to become a more productive committee leader and project professional.


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What's Inside?

Welcome to the Toolkit

  • Welcome Message
  • Using the Toolkit Roadmap
  • The Big Picture Video Part 1: What is Fast Track Management?
  • The Big Picture Video Part 2: Introducing the Committee Concept Process
  • The Big Picture Process Diagram (PDF)

The Concept Modules

  • Lesson Module 1 - Quick Start Video
  • Lesson Module 2 - Keys to the Concept Video
  • Lesson Module 3 - Committee Characteristics Video
  • Lesson Module 4 - Committee Concept Process Video
  • Concept Modules Key Point Summary (PDF)

The Practices Modules

  • Lesson Module 1 - Process Origination Video
  • Lesson Module 2 - Defining the Mission Video
  • Lesson Module 3 - Forming the Structure Video
  • Lesson Module 4 - Using Action Word Mapping Video
  • Lesson Module 5 - Code of Conduct Video
  • Lesson Module 6 - Committee Meetings Video
  • Lesson Module 7 - Decision Making Video
  • Lesson Module 8 - Committee Administration Video
  • Lesson Module 9 - Committee Evaluation Video
  • Lesson Module 10 - Committee Charter Video

Practices Reference Materials

  • Practices Modules Key Points Summary (PDF)
  • Action Word Glossary (PDF)
  • Committee Organization Infographic
  • Tools for Committee Action Infographic
  • Recipe for Meeting Agenda Productivity Infographic

The Steps Modules

  • Lesson Module 1 - Getting Ready to Act Video
  • Lesson Module 2 - Process Workflows Video
  • Lesson Module 3 - Member Selection Activities Video
  • Lesson Module 4 - Onboarding Activities Video
  • Lesson Module 5 - Meeting Management Activities Video
  • Lesson Module 6 - Motion and Voting Activities Video
  • Lesson Module 7 - Evaluation Activities Video
  • Lesson Module 8 - Committee Charter Activities Video

Steps Reference Materials

  • Committee Process Workbook (Spreadsheet Download)
  • Key Steps Summary - Process Workflow (PDF)
  • Key Steps Summary - Committee Member Selection (PDF)
  • Key Steps Summary - Committee Member Onboarding (PDF)
  • Key Steps Summary - Meeting Planning (PDF)
  • Key Steps Summary - Motions and Voting (PDF)
  • Key Steps Summary - Committee & Member Evaluation (PDF)
  • Committee Charter Checklist - Steps Module 8 (PDF)
  • Motion Form Checklist - Steps Module (6) PDF
  • Meeting Report Checklist - Steps Module 5
  • Report Card Checklist - Steps Module 7 (PDF)

Committee Template Downloads

  • Template Instructions
  • The Committee Charter Template (Word Format)
  • The Member Selection Form (Word Format)
  • The Motion Planning Form (Word Format)
  • Regular Meeting Agenda & Report (Word Format)
  • Special Meeting Agenda & Report (Word Format)
  • The Follow-Up Action Log (Word Format)
  • The Committee Report Card (Word Format)
  • The Member Report Card (Word Format)

Are You Ready to Begin?

  • Concept Knowledge Readiness Quiz
  • Practices Knowledge Readiness Quiz
  • Techniques and Tools Readiness Quiz


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