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The I.T. Service Strategy Starter Course is your free introduction to our "fast track learning" I.T. Service Strategy Toolkit education program. The full Toolkit course contains over 50+ training materials, including videos, infographics, reference guides, and downloadable templates.

This Starter Course provides instant access to a select group of Toolkit contents, so you can start learning before you commit to the full course program.  Just sign up below for instant access.

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Starter Contents


  • Welcome Message
  • Course Expectations


  • The Big Picture Video Part 1: What is Fast Track Management?
  • The Big Picture Video Part 2: Introducing the Service Strategy Process
  • The Big Picture Process Diagram (PDF)


  • Chapter 1, Lesson 2 - IT Management Vision (PDF)
  • Chapter 2, Lesson 1: The 'Define, Align, Approve' Methodology (PDF)


  • The Big Picture Quiz
  • Creating the Strategy - Concepts Diagrams
  • Next Steps for Service Strategy Learning

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